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Estates and Trust

Did you know that in North Carolina, if you die without a Will, the State of North Carolina will "write" your Will for you?  Dying intestate, or without a Will, can result in your estate passing to persons you had not intended.  Make an appointment today to ensure your loved ones are protected.   


If you or someone you love is involved in a guardianship matter, or if someone in your family is in need of a guardian, we can help.  Call today for a consultation on Guardianship matters.  




What exactly is “Probate”?  What it means is the act of proving a Will.    The word Probate refers to the process where an estate of a decedent is administered.


What gets probated? 

The probate estate refers to assets which are handed out in the Will, or if there is not a Will, all the items that are not “payable on death” or “transfer on death” assets. 


Business Transactions


Thinking of starting a business?  Let us help you choose the best entity for your particular needs, such as limited liability company, C-corporation, or sole proprietorship.  We would love to help you set up your business and answer questions you have.   From your dream of owning a business to your first corporate meeting, we can make this a stress-free process.  Kenney Law Firm knows how important your new venture will be in your life and your family's future.      

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